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The Greatest Show (or car crash) on Earth

Like most people, I’m waiting for the final result of the Presidential Elections in the USA. The actual counting process seems to be going on for ever, its like a mad version of a British soap opera, where you have the obvious villain, and your ‘hero’, who has apparently everyone’s support, but just can’t quite get everyone that matters to see what is obvious to the rest of the world.


Having spent a good chunk of my career working with Americans, travelling there extensively, and made many friends over the years, I can understand how Trump got in to position in the first place. Americans tend to see things in black and white, it’s either good or bad, with very few actually sitting on the fence. At the time of Trump’s rise, there was a need for a strong character to lead a country that seemed to have lost its pre-eminence in the world, and, to his credit, his initial actions did pull everyone together. But as time wore on, his many character flaws, his narcissism, came to the fore, and it has been long apparent to the outside world that he needs to be replaced by a more stable character who will not divide to conquer, but pull everyone together once more.


The problem is, he has remained unchallenged for too long in a position of power that allowed him to dismiss opposition views with an attack, whilst always remaining the victim when often proven wrong in his ‘facts’. Indeed, it has become very dangerous, in that by polarising people’s opinions, there is the very real danger of civil war within the USA. Trump has encouraged fear in those opposed to his views, and allied himself with the far right. This has been a constant theme through his presidency, with undertones of 1930’s Germany. I would genuinely fear for the rise of fascism in the USA if he continues for a further term.


However, it does appear that finally the majority of Americans are seeing this man-child for what he is, a tyrant with an empire bult on deceit, and subject to the influence from bodies that don’t necessarily have the interest of the people of the USA as their prime concern. The hints at collusion with the Russians, the recent ‘discovery’ of hidden Chinese bank accounts, his documented money worries, leave him very exposed and the fact that he continues to deny all such accusations by accusing others again tells its own narrative.


Hopefully, later today even, he will be gone, and a new, stable and trustworthy President will be in place, and that, in the current climate of a world-wide pandemic, would be the best news for some time. We’ll undoubtably see histrionics from Trump on losing his protection from prosecution for some of his activities, but at least he will not have the chance to continue dragging the USA, and the world, in to chaos and conflict.

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