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A Heartwarming Story

As most will be aware, Wrexham AFC has been taken over by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. There have already been a number of activities by the duo to show that they are doing their best to become part of the extended community that the Club has.


However, one particular action by Rob to me stands out above any gifts of gin to local hostelries. One Wrexham fan, Aiden Stott, put out an appeal on as below:

‘I am trying to save and raise money for an adapted bath for my new flat. I have just moved to Manchester to be closer to my family because my care has been cut. I am a wheelchair user and currently my family struggle to bath and shower me in a “normal” bath. I have cerebral palsy, I have no use of my left hand side and very limited use of my right hand side. There is very little I can do physically on my own but I have a voice and I am attempting to use it here appealing to the kindness of friends and strangers. I am on a waiting list to be assessed by social services but due to the Covid situation and an already stretched service I feel I need to be more proactive and try and help my own situation. It isn’t guaranteed that I would be given the bath by social services either. I have been quoted £6000 for a bath and hoist that is mechanically adapted. This will mean I can get in and out of the bath safely and won’t put my family and carers at risk of injury when trying to keep me clean. I realise that itis a lot of money for a household item but my safety and hygiene are important to me. Thanks for taking the time to read this.



Normally, with the standard run of donations, it would probably take months for Aiden to reach his target, especially under current restrictions, with many worrying about how to pay their day to day bills. However, Rob, or at least someone who maintains the ‘watch’ on his social media accounts, had seen this, and has now contributed £6000 to help Aiden reach his target, a very generous donation.


There are the usual people who will say, ‘well, he can afford it’, and maybe he can. But the fact that he has just done this with no fanfare, at a point where he no longer has to curry favour with the WST electorate, speaks volumes for the man. If this is a sign of things to come from the Club’s new owners, the future not just for Wrexham AFC, but for the entire community is looking very good indeed.


Well done Rob, and I hope Aiden enjoys this small comfort and especially his new flat.

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