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Gone, but not missed – Wrexham Police Station Tower

Today, at 8.30AM, the very distinctive Wrexham Police Station tower was demolished.  Built in 1974, this brutalist design representation of embattled policing in an era of civil conciousness in its own loss of ability to stand for what it thought was right, following the Miner’s stikes and other such protests against an uncaring state.

When combined with the at the time revolutionary parabolic design of Wrexham Public Baths, the area around Bodhyfryd just off the town centre also represented the struggle of Wrexham as a town to reinvent itself in the post Thatcher wasteland of a region stripped of its character and its industry.

Building of the new Wrexham Police HQ in 1974.


Modern (at the time) monumental structures were becoming the norm, and Wrexham could not resist this athletes foot type of redevelopement spreading across the country, with every town becoming a clone of another, and the destruction of individual community identities being the sacrifice to allow the control of the population that continues even to this day.


The fact that Wrexham became identified with a tower representing the fight against crime tells its own story, tarring an entire town with an aura of lawlessness that just doesn’t exist in any greater degree than any other town in the UK. I for one miss the smell of the hops from Wrexham Lager and Border breweries, the sight of fire on the mountain from Brymbo’s furnaces, watching the miners stream home across the fields from the colliery from my Mum’s house window, a packed Monday Beast market and a myriad of other sights and memories that used to define the town. I will not miss this monstrosity.


The only complaint I have is that its being replaced by yet another supermarket, we have literally dozens of them in and around the town, do we need another? This could have been an ideal opportunity to really show the way forward about aspirations for and from the town and Welsh Government. With its position, a conference centre\ concert venue would have been ideal to bring much needed footfall back to a derelict town centre post-Covid. The South of Wales has constantly been over funded for such developements, it would have been a perfect opportunity for the North to actually have this very evident bias redressed. But our stagnant council would rather sit on their hands than actually fight for what should and could be the making of the town.

Another supermarket within easy walking distance of the town centre will finally kill off the hope anyone ever had about a regeneration and rebirth of Wrexham as a market town with independant traders. They already put the biggest nail in the coffin with the white elephant that is the Eagle’s Meadow ‘shopping’ centre, this may be the final nail.

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