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‘Riots’ in Swansea

Having watched with complete disgust the various video snippets available across social media and news channel websites, all I’m thinking now is that what you have here is a mob of feral animals who have no regard for human life, just their own satisfaction and entertainment. And if you think its justified (as some idiots on social media platforms apparently do), it’s morally bankrupt people such as you who are causing this. There is no justification for these attacks on normal people and society in general.



Make no mistake, the next step for any of these feral sub-humans that perpetrate such violence will be murder. They have no regard for the safety of anyone, with ordinary families being trapped in their houses, police pelted with rocks as they tried to break-up the violence, and the use of explosive missiles of burning cars being sent barrelling down hills towards occupied houses.


No one can seem to stand up to them, the police, who’s response has been criticised, with some residents, who were faced by violent scum outside their homes, saying no one came to their aid. Local, law abiding people are understandably angry that children were terrified after seeing this happen, but they do need to understand that it was just too dangerous for the police and fire service to attend or stay at the scene because of the danger to their own safety and are afraid of using ‘excessive force’ for fear of being pilloried by a hostile press and public. They’re between a rock and a hard place, but in my opinion, the actions of last night now justify any reaction to preserve the rule of law. If the perpetrators of this wanton destruction get away with soft sentences such as Community Service orders, it gives licence to similar ‘riots’ throughout the country. They need to be punished to the full extent of the law. Jailed, fined, and kicked out of the local community. They don’t deserve any of the benefits hard won through the blood sweat and toil of others through history.


And where are their parents? It was a mob of over a hundred teenagers (or even younger), throwing bricks, and setting cars on fire. They haven’t just appeared from nowhere; they have families of their own. How would they feel if suddenly a howling mob turned up at their parent’s house and started throwing bricks through their windows, smashing up their parents’ cars, showering sleeping babies with broken glass? The gradual decent in to barbarism will eventually lead to this, possible revenge attacks and the breakdown of society.


The day after, the clean-up begins, with the charred remains of cars with melted plastic, broken glass, and molten metal on Waun-Wen Road. I truly hope this will be the last such event of this kind, but sadly, this will not be an isolated incident. Given the mindless nature of many these days, copycat riots will inevitably start across the country under the guise of some form of social comment, when in fact the only reason for this Swansea riot was basically boredom after a supposed vigil for someone who had recently passed away.


Some memorial. That person’s name will now be forever associated with destruction.

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