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The City of Wrexham?

Hope Street

Once again, after losing out to St. Asaph last time, and Newport the time before, Wrexham Council are again pushing the concept of cityship for the town. Basically, in order to be part of the selection process, or rather ‘competition’, the town will need to demonstrate it fits within a set pattern of criteria;


  • A record of culture, history and heritage
  • A distinct identity
  • A record of innovative advancement, in particular widely recognised
    significant contributions to society and cultural infrastructure
  • Civic pride and an inclusive community
  • A solid governance and administrative infrastructure
  • Associations, past and present, with Royalty

If the Council do press on with a bid, a budget of tens of thousands of pounds will be committed to developing an initial working group prior to submission of the application.


Surely it’s the people of Wrexham that should be driving the cityship agenda? And from my experience and talking with a lot of fellow ‘Townies’, the thought of Wrexham as a city is the last thing on their minds. Potholes, uncut, dangerously overgrown verges, littered streets, derelict shops and buildings, large swathes of the town looking like a post-war bombed out landscape etc., get these issues solved before any vanity projects are even considered. In the continued days of austerity under the dark shadow of Covid-19, why spend money on something that has in reality no provable value?

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