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Global pandemic?


China has put a number of cities (some the size of London) and millions of its people on lockdown to try and prevent the further spread of a virus outbreak that has killed a number of people. Rather like the ebola outbreaks in Africa, the coronavirus variant that has become known as the Wuhan virus, it has become yet another sign that no matter how advanced humankind thinks of itself, the smallest of lifeforms can so easilly beat us.


My worry in this case is that the Chinese have become very much an international race, with their citizens visiting most of the world as tourists or immigrants, and, being very family oriented, welcome visits from their home country relatives. I fail to see how isolating the cities where the outbreak has happened will have any real impact on the virus’ spread.


I already think that it will have easily escaped the confines put on it already, and, like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) , the true story will only come out later. Although ‘experts’ believe the virus is not as dangerous as previous coronaviruses it does appear to be more contagous as evidenced by its rapid spread across the world . It has already surfaced in Thailand, which means it has travelled through an airport and many people will have come in to contact with the infected person(s).


I wonder if we’ll get told in the UK when it does arrive here? Or is it already here?


UPDATE: Obviously it’s now been with use for what feels like forever, and my be with us for many years to come.


But, if I could see this coming back in January, why did it take our Government and their ‘experts’ not also do so? 

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