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Freedom Day – The Day After….

Covid-19 Vaccination


Well, here we are, 24 hours after ‘Freedom Day’ in England, and where does Britain stand in the overall picture of Covid-19? From what I’ve read, seen and heard, back to the exact same position we were 18 months ago. Growing pressure on a beleaguered NHS, massive rises in infected numbers a general public that seems to be sleep walking in to yet another lock down, and a floundering Government led by a man so far out of his depth it’s embarrassing on a world stage.


Have the public become so dumbed down they don’t realise what fools they are being taken for? I guess not, as an example, there was a ‘protest’ in London yesterday about Lockdown, on the day that England came out of restrictions, and wasn’t even in Lockdown anyway? All this against the background of leaders who apparently are physiologically different to us, so when they get infected, they don’t have to follow the rules ‘commoners’ have had dictated to them. To be honest, this has been the story through history, so we shouldn’t really be surprised of the ‘Them and Us’ culture, but it’s becoming clearer by the day that the public focus on anything except the truth of matters and react accordingly.


It’s also amusing in a somewhat cruel way to read and hear some the younger elements of society refusing to be vaccinated, as Covid is seen as an older person’s problem (even though the long-term damage to their own health will become evident as they age), and so flock like sheep to nightclubs and parties, spreading infection with no care in the world, and dreaming of their next holidays to the Balearics. What they should be thinking of is that such holidays will no longer be possible, as the British Isles becomes the plague ship of Europe, and all the other countries in the world where Covid is being controlled and reduced refuse to let them visit. And whose fault will that be? Everyone’s but their own, a standard mindset for the modern generation.


To top it off, the fear from the Government to actually be decisive, to have a path forward that makes logical sense, is basically destroying us. Where is the logic of introducing a ‘pub passport’ in September, two months after everyone has been let lose? I’m all for personal choice in life, but my personal choice should not be forced on others, nor damage them in any way. So, if you don’t want to be inoculated and contribute to the elimination of Covid-19, that is your choice, but having made that decision, you should not expect the same gains anyone that does want to eliminate this curse benefits from. If you become ill from Covid, you should be at the back of the queue if you’ve refused vaccination. If you carry Covid, you should not be allowed to visit places where you can pass it on, self-isolation should continue.


I understand how businesses have, and continue to, suffer because of restrictions, but having customers shouldn’t come at the cost of lives. I see people like Andrew Lloyd Webber complaining because he’s had to cancel performances, I would say is the price worth the risk? At some point, inevitably, we will need to open up society before it falls apart, but piecemeal ‘planning’ and knee jerk reactions are useless. Unfortunately, because of Boris and his cronies, we have wasted 18 months during which we could have led the world in breaking out of this cycle of variants and lockdowns, but incompetence, greed and downright corruption have dragged us down in to a morass of despair, depression, rebellion and fear.


So, what is coming? Personally, I think once again we’re heading to another winter lockdown, which will undoubtably finally cost Boris his job, there are fewer cronies to sacrifice these days to save him. The hospitals will once again be full of Covid 19 victims, but I foresee a much higher percentage being younger than last years as the consequences of abandonment of responsibility by the Tory government become apparent. At some point, vaccination will need to become a requirement, whether you accept that or not. The consequences of not taking that path will mean that we will be forever in this fixed cycle. And remember, Covid 19 is in addition to the usual attacks on our health, Norovirus has once again reared its head. It may not be as deadly, but in combination with a weakened immune system, the death rates will undoubtedly rise.


You have a choice, get vaccinated, be part of the concerted effort to eliminate Covid-19 and bring back real freedom, or don’t get vaccinated, and contribute to making certain we end up locked in our homes watching Government controlled pap on TV while our minds and freedoms are eroded away. Freedom Day was actually Acceptance Day, acceptance it’s every man ( and woman) for themselves, and the washing of hands by a Government of any acceptance of blame for a car crash of monumental scale.

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