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The End or the Beginning of the Dream?

Wrexham v Grimsby Trophy final at Wembley

For those of you who are following the current situation at Wrexham AFC (Wrexham AFC – The Future?), the latest situation is that the owners of the Club, Wrexham Supporters Trust and the fans have recieved the Heads Of Terms and Final offer from the prospective new owners of the Club, and will be voting on this landmark decision on November 9th as to whether to agree to the take over or not.

It’s really a decision between reality and a dream. The reality is, we will continue to exist as a club, and watch other rich owner backed clubs pass us by in the race for promotion unless we get a ‘lucky’ season when the team happens to be good enough to gain the promotion we all want. While the National League at our level does not have financial fairplay this is the scenario we face, financial doping of clubs that have little history, few fans, but an easy path to League football. If the WST had taken control of the club prior to us losing our EFL status, I think we would be much higher in the pyramid due to sound financial government proven over the last 10 years which would give us a distinct advantage over clubs being run on credit as around 90% of League 1 and 2 are. That’s all now in the past, so we have to look to the future, the WST has done it’s job, preserving the club, steadying the ship, and now its time for the next stage in the recovery from the attempts by those who wanted to destroy us for financial gain.


The future to me is clear. We need to sell if we want to move forward. However, the risks are apparent. The moment we do sell, we have to accept that, although morally it is still our club, the actually ownership of the club is someone elses, and they can do what they want with it. No matter what is promised in the Heads Of Terms, the owners no doubt have the financial clout to overturn any of the clauses should they choose to do so. Will they? Personally, I think not, I do believe these guys have genuine intention to do their best to make us a success, and to a degree they are also gambling their reputations on an area they have no knowledge of. But this is mitigated by the fact they have enough money to bring in people who do know what they are doing, and no doubt will. Just remember though, whatever happens it will be their choice, and we, the fans, will just have to accept it, and continue to support the team through thick and thin, as we always have.


Football is nothing without fans, and we will still be here when owners have come and gone.

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