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Charter of Incoporation for Wrexham Town

Charter of Incoporation for Wrexham Town

I am very proud of my hometown, Wrexham in North Wales, its history and its people. The changes that time is imposing on the town and its surrounding area has been extensive, and we are continually losing more and more of the history that has made us who we are today.

Map of Wrexham Abbot and Regis 1844 ( Click to view)

Little by little, what remains of the history of Wrexham and its people is gradually being replaced by buildings that don’t reflect the character of the people of the town. The sets of photographsshow some of those changes, most, I believe, for the worse. For those of earlier birthdates, they will remind you of your past, for those who are seeing these lost in many cases areas and buildings for the first time, you may understand at least a little as to why we elders lament our losses.
After all, it is your loss too.
If you are looking for photographs of the history of Wrexham AFC and The Racecourse, take a look at the Wrexham AFC History submenu on the My Town menu .
This is very much a work in progress, as we are daily losing our links to the past, so please do revisit whenever you can, and, if so inclined, feel free to contribute.
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The Wrexham Telegraph - Great War Commenmorative Edition
Great War Commemorative Edition

Wrexham Area

*Most of the pictures have been harvested from the internet and scanned sources over many years and may belong to other people’s collections. If you do own the copyright to anything on here,please let me know, I’ll be more than happy to accredit you, or to remove the picture(s) in question.

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