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Wrexham AFC - The On The Pitch History

Year Event
1877-78 Welsh Cup Winners
1878-79 Welsh Cup runner-up
1880 ? Changed name to Wrexham
1881-82 Welsh Cup winners (2nd time)
1888-89 Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1889-90 Welsh Cup runner-up
1890-91 Founder member of The Combination. Two points deducted. Welsh Cup runner-up
1891-92 Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1892-93 Welsh Cup Winners (3rd time)
1893-94 Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1894 Left The Combination
? Joined Welsh Senior League
1894-95 Welsh Cup runner-up
1895-96 Welsh Cup runner-up. Welsh Senior League Champions
1896-97 Re-joined The Combination. Welsh Cup Winners (4th time)
1897-98 Welsh Cup runner-up
1898-99 Welsh Cup runner-up
1899-00 The Combination runner-up
1900-01 The Combination Champions
1901-02 The Combination Champions (2nd time). Welsh Cup runner-up
1902-03 The Combination Champions (3rd successive time). Welsh Cup Winners (5th time)
1904-05 The Combination Champions (4th time). Welsh Cup Winners (6th time)
1905-06 Joined Birmingham & District League. Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1906-07 Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1908-09 Welsh Cup Winners (7th time)
1909-10 Welsh Cup Winners (8th time)
1910-11 Welsh Cup Winners (9th time, 3rd in succession)
1913-14 Welsh Cup Winners (10th time)
1914-15 Welsh Cup Winners (11th time)
1919-20 Welsh Cup runner-up
1920-21 Welsh Cup Winners (12th time)
1921-22 Founder member of Football League Division Three North. Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1923-24 Welsh Cup Winners (13th time)
1924-25 Welsh Cup Winners (14th time)
1926-27 Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1929-30 Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1930-31 Welsh Cup Winners (15th time)
1931-32 Welsh Cup runner-up
1932-33 Football League Division Three North runner-up. Welsh Cup runner-up
1939-40 Football League programme abandoned due to outbreak of war
1946-47 Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1949-50 Welsh Cup runner-up
1950-51 Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1951-52 Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1954-55 Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1956-57 Welsh Cup Winners (16th time)
1957-58 Welsh Cup Winners (17th time)
1958-59 Placed in Division Three upon re-organisation. Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1959-60 Welsh Cup Winners (18th time). Relegated to Division Four
1960-61 Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1961-62 Promoted to Division Three. Welsh Cup runner-up
1963-64 Relegated to Division Four
1964-65 Welsh Cup runner-up
1966-67 Welsh Cup runner-up
1969-70 Football League Division Four runner-up. Promoted to Division Three
1970-71 Welsh Cup runner-up
1971-72 Welsh Cup Winners (19th time)
1973-74 Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1974-75 Welsh Cup Winners (20th time)
1975-76 European Cup Winners Cup Quarter Finalists
1976-77 Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1977-78 Football League Division Three Champions. Promoted to Division Two. Welsh Cup Winners (21st time)
1978-79 Welsh Cup runner-up
1980-81 Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1982 Relegated to Division Three
1982-83 Welsh Cup runner-up. Relegated to Division Four
1983-84 Welsh Cup runner-up
1985-86 Welsh Cup Winners (22nd time)
1986-87 Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1987-88 Welsh Cup runner-up
1988-89 Not promoted after play-offs (SF Wrexham 3 Scunthorpe United 1, Scunthorpe United 0 Wrexham 2 - Agg 5-1, F Wrexham 0 Leyton Orient 0, Leyton Orient 2 Wrexham 1 - Agg 1-2)
1989-90 Welsh Cup runner-up
1990-91 Welsh Cup runner-up
1992-93 Division Four re-designated Division Three on formation of F.A. Premier League. Football League Division Three runner-up. Promoted to Division Two. Welsh Cup semi-finalists
1994-95 Welsh Cup Winners (23rd time)
1997-98 Missed play-offs on goals scored. F.A.W. Invitation Cup winners
1998-99 F.A.W. Premier Cup (formerly Invitation Cup) runner-up
1999-00 F.A.W. Premier Cup Winners (2nd time)
2000-01 F.A.W. Premier Cup Winners (3rd time)
2002 Relegated to Division Three
2002-03 Promoted to Division Two. F.A.W. Premier Cup Winners (4th time)
2003-04 F.A.W. Premier Cup Winners (5th time)
2004-05 Football League Division Two renamed "League One". Ten points deducted for entering administration, causing relegation to League Two. Football League Trophy winners. F.A.W. Premier Cup runner-up
2005-06 F.A.W. Premier Cup runner-up
2008 Relegated to Conference National
2011-12 Conference runner-up. Not promoted after play-offs (SF Luton Town 2-0 Wrexham, Wrexham 2-1 Luton Town, Luton Town won 3-2 on aggregate).
2012-13 F.A. Trophy winners. Not promoted after play-offs (SF Wrexham 2 Kidderminster Harriers 1, Kidderminster Harriers 1 Wrexham 3 - Agg 5-2, F Newport County 2. Wrexham 0 @ Wembley Stadium)
2014-15 F.A. Trophy runner-up
2015-16 Conference changed name to National League
2018-19 Not promoted after play-offs (QF Wrexham 0 Eastleigh 1)
2019-20 Season ended early to due Covid-19 virus. League decided on a points per game basis
2021-22 National League runner-up. F.A. Trophy runner-up. Not promoted after play-offs (SF Wrexham 4 Grimsby Town 5)

Wrexham AFC History

Wrexham AFC European Cup Winners Cup Results

Up until the beginning of the 90’s,the winners of the Welsh Cup were entered into the European Cup Winners Cup. After the creation of the Welsh Premiere League, any team that wished to enter the Welsh Cup had to play in the Welsh pyramid system, and Wrexham, and the 5 other Welsh clubs that ply their trade in the English system lost their right to enter European competition in this way. The table shows Wrexham’s record in Europe, which, considering we were a lower league team for these years, would still be the envy of many of our more illustrious neighbours.


One day, we’ll be back…..

Season Competition Round Opponent Country Home Away Aggregate
1972–73 Cup Winners' Cup First Round FC Zürich Switzerland  2–1 1–1 3–2
Second Round Hajduk Split Yugoslavia 3–1 0–2 3–3
1975–76 Cup Winners' Cup First Round Djurgården Sweden  2–1 1–1 3–2
Second Round Stal Rzeszów Poland  2–0 1–1 3–1
Quarter-Final Anderlecht Belgium  1–1 0–1 1–2
1978–79 Cup Winners' Cup First Round Rijeka Yugoslavia 2–0 0–3 2–3
1979–80 Cup Winners' Cup First Round FC Magdeburg East Germany  3–2 2–5 5–7
1984–85 Cup Winners' Cup First Round FC Porto Portugal  1–0 3–4 4–4
Second Round Roma Italy  0–1 0–2 0–3
1986–87 Cup Winners' Cup First Round Żurrieq Malta  4–0 3–0 7–0
Second Round Real Zaragoza Spain  2–2 0–0 2–2
1990–91 Cup Winners' Cup First Round Lyngby Denmark  0–0 1–0 1–0
Second Round Manchester United England  0–2 0–3 0–5
1995–96 Cup Winners' Cup First Round Petrolul Ploiești Romania  0–0 0–1 0–1

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