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Priory Street

Bryn-Y-Ffynnon Gate House faced on to Priory Street, and occupied the footprint of what is now the block formed by Priory Street, Hill Street and Bryn-Y-Ffynnon Street, the cobbled alley behind where the old Boots used to be. At one time, what is now Hill Street was the back road servicing this house, and ended at it, with Priory Street continuing on to meet Vicarage Hill leading down towards the old Town well.


Eventually, after the demolition of the main house during the First World War (after serving as the guildhall for the Borough of Wrexham) the service road was extended to meet Vicarage Hill, and became Hill Street as we know it. Bryn-Y-Fffynnon Gatehouse lasted in to the 1960’s, servicing a number of later uses, including at one point a solicitors. The coloured engraving from 1748 is a section showing the Old Vicarage and Bryn-Y-Ffynnon House and Gatehouse.


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