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Lambpit Street

Lambpit Street

Lambpit Street

Lambpit Street probably took its name from a lime pit (lime, or crushed limestone, was a constituent of building mortar) to which it originally led. The street gradually evolved from a number of houses owned by professional people (doctors, attorneys etc.) in the 18th century, to a street of small cottages and shops by the 19th century.


In the 1890’s the Borough Council purchased the adjacent Queen Square, and in 1898 demolished the south side of Lambpit Street in preparation for the expansion of the Vegetable Market. Gradually over the years, most of this street has been demolished to provide space for the Guildhall expansion, and the replacement of the Vegetable Market. In fact, the only pre-1980’s building remaining in the street is the Saith Seren (Seven Stars) public house, which also includes the former Empire Cinema in its footprint.


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