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Grosvenor Road

Grosvenor Road takes its name from the Grosvenor family of Eaton Hall Chester (later the Dukes of Westminster). The road was laid out at the end of the 1860s through open land known as Oak Tree field and following a path known as the Rope Walk. The road was originally private and is believed to have been accessed by gates at each end. There is no surviving evidence of the gates, either documentary or structural. The first house to be built in the road was possibly Brynhyfryd (now the Register Office) with the house opposite, Grosvenor Lodge being the second. By 1881, most of Grosvenor Road has been developed.

By 1951, Grosvenor Road had become a street of offices, with very few of the houses still in residential use, and this continues to this day, though in latter years the change of usage seems to have accelerated with changing business demands. A prime example of this change is that the Miners Institute has now become a mosque.

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