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Fairy Road

The Fairy Road area was laid out in the mid-19th Century as a distinctive and spacious residential suburb of the town and was once home to the offices of the Football Association of Wales, which was founded and prospered in Wrexham before moving south to Cardiff in 1985. However, the soul of Welsh football still remains in the town.


Fairy Mount

Fairy Mount

The name of the street was apparently derived from the presence of a Bronze age burial mound (The tumulus was traditionally thought to have been a mass grave for plague victims) or barrow in the grounds of one of the large detached houses aptly named Fairy Mount. The house was built on a plot called Fairy Field and that the barrow was once topped by an oak tree. According to legend the fairy folk would dance around the mound on sacred occasions. It was excavated in 1882 prior to the construction of Fairy Mount and bones and pottery dating back to the Bronze Age were found. Unfortunately, these remains have long since disappeared.

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