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Erbistock Boat Inn

Erbistock Boat Inn

Erbistock, like many villages in the region, has medieval origins. The Norman Conquest of the 11th century brought changes to landownership and administration. Historic structures such as churches and manor houses often have medieval roots. Erbistock Hall, a Grade II listed building, is a prominent historical landmark in the village. The hall has a long history, with parts of it dating back to the 17th century. It has undergone various modifications over the centuries.


Erbistock is situated along the river Dee, and its history is intertwined with the river’s significance. The river has served as a trade route and has influenced the local economy and landscape. Erbistock’s picturesque setting along the river Dee and its historic architecture make it a location of interest for conservation and tourism. The village has endeavoured to preserve its heritage and attract visitors interested in its natural and historical attractions.


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