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Coedpoeth Penygelli Infants School 1907

Coedpoeth Penygelli Infants School 1907

Coedpoeth is a village ion the hills above Wrexham, with a history that dates back several centuries. The area around Coedpoeth has likely been inhabited for centuries, with evidence of early human activity. However, the village itself began to take shape more distinctly in the 19th century.


Like many areas in Wales, Coedpoeth experienced significant industrialisation during the 19th century. The village’s growth was closely tied to the mining and manufacturing industries, particularly coal mining and ironworking. The availability of natural resources, including coal and iron ore, contributed to the establishment of industrial activities in the region.


Coedpoeth became known for its brickmaking industry, and local clay deposits were utilized for this purpose. The bricks produced in Coedpoeth were widely used in construction projects both locally and beyond.


As the industrial activities grew, so did the community around Coedpoeth. Housing, schools, and other infrastructure were developed to support the expanding population. The village became a vibrant community with a mix of industrial and residential areas.


In the 20th century, changes in the economy and industry impacted Coedpoeth, as was the case in many industrial regions. The decline of traditional industries had effects on the local community, but Coedpoeth adapted over time. Coedpoeth has various community facilities, including schools, churches, and recreational areas, that have played a role in the village’s social and cultural life.


Today, Coedpoeth is a residential village with a mix of modern amenities and historical remnants of its industrial past. The village has a community-focused atmosphere, and efforts have been made to preserve its heritage while adapting to contemporary needs.


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