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Church Street first appears in Norden’s survey of 1620. The street was referred to as Church Yard Street in the early 18th century. The property currently used as a wine bar (N°s 7-10) is possibly the oldest building in Wrexham and may pre-date even the Parish Church by 100-150 years. As a hall house, the building would have had only one floor with the space above open all the way to the roof. The building has a timber cruck frame (which resembles a wooden ship turned up-side down) and would have originally had a thatched roof.  

On the opposite side of the street are N°s 3-4 which are basically 17th century buildings with 18th century additions when the premises incorporated N° 6 Temple Row* and was divided into two houses and shops by Samuel Edwards. The buildings have a timber frame and N° 3 has a fine 19th century shop window. They are now Grade II listed.


The premises on the corner of Church Street and Town Hill were demolished in 1961 and a concrete building put in its place. This was badly damaged by fire in the 1990s and was eventually remodelled to form part of the 1-5 bar/ restaurant on Town Hill.


The building on the corner of Church Street and College Street, which was for many years the premises of Horton’s pawn brokerage was, despite much opposition demolished in 1972 and the new building erected on the site was designed by the Wrexham firm of G. Raymond Jones & Associates. At the same time, plans were submitted for the demolition of the building on the corner of Church Street and Temple Row, but were thankfully refused and the building was renovated.


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