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Caia Road

1880 Caia Road

1880 Caia Road

Caia Road, named after Caia Farm (the farmhouse of which was formerly the Caia House public house, now a vets practice), this road does not appear to have existed at the time of the 1833 survey. In the early 1890s, the road had been laid out and named but was undeveloped. All the land on both sides of the road were the property of developer Ebenezer Pike. Until the 1980s, the south side of the road was bordered by the Wrexham-Ellesmere railway embankment with sidings for the Cambrian Leather Works alongside.


Following the total closure of this line the embankment was redundant and was eventually partially removed and the site used for a development of senior citizens bungalows. The premises now occupied by Colour Supplies was originally the Caia Road Mill. (later the Brolac Paint Store) which contained in its structure limber and masonry removed from the old Town Hall” in High Street. The Anchor Inn• stood at the junction with Mount Street and was demolished in the mid 1970s to make way for the Eagle’s Meadow flyover.


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