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Brynteg meaning ‘Fair Hill’ or ‘Hilltop’ in Welsh, is a small village 2 miles from Wrexham. The village is special to me as my Dad’s side of the family come from there, and with him having 8 siblings, undoubtedly I still have many relatives living in that area, but, unfortunately, with the passage of time, I have lost touch almost completely with them.

The village itself has gone through many changes over the years, from being just a collection of farms, to residential areas for the housing of the many workers for the local industries that prevailed and finally disappeared from the surrounding areas.

The change in employment and population patterns are shown by the loss of nearly all its public houses over the recent years, with what used to be well known and frequented names such as The Brynteg Inn, The Halfway Inn and The Castle Inn now just memories. Local supporting industries such as bakers have also suffered from the changes, such as E.D Roberts ‘new’ Bakery (The original E.D Roberts bakery was on Roberts Road) which was demolished in 1981.


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